MCC accredits SpA for access into the Guarantee Fund for SMEs

MCC accredits SpA for access into the Guarantee Fund for SMEs Spa will also have access to the Guarantee Fund provided by the Ministry of Economic Development, a fund specifically structured for small and medium-sized enterprises.
The procedure application was formalised as a result of a regular accreditation notice made through Medio Credito Centrale (MCC). With the Guarantee Fund, the European Union and the Italian State support companies and professionals who have difficulty in accessing to bank credit as they do not have sufficient guarantees. The public guarantee replaces the guarantees normally required to obtain loans.
The facilitation provided by the Guarantee Fund can be activated following a request for funding received from micro, small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) registered in the Business and Professional Register, which may be granted by banks and financial companies like Spa. The operating procedure provides that the company or professional forward their application for funding directly to Spa, then our company itself will deal with the whole procedure related to issuing the necessary guarantee. Up to a maximum of 80% of the loan this is granted for all types of both short and medium/long-term transactions, both for liquidity and for investments. The Fund guarantees each company or professional a maximum amount of €2,500,000.00, a ceiling that can be used for one or more transactions until the maximum is reached.

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