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About Us

Cred.it Società Finanziaria S.p.A. is an Italian company registered in the General Registry of T.U.B. (Bank Unified Code) at the Bank of Italy with No. 41964 of 16/03/2011, whose registered address is Via Sistina 121, 00187 Rome. ABI Code: 33667.7 (Italian Bank Association). Cred.it S.p.A. also owns ALMARRI SUISSE SA, Swiss company based in Lugano.

Cred.it S.p.A. was established in 2010 and it is a financial reference point for companies and individuals. The strength of Cred.it is the high specialisation in the credit sector, which allows a targeted advice for anyone who decides to rely on a professional financial partner for his business.

Cred.it is a limited company that involves as partners large industrial and commercial companies in the national territory as well as entrepreneurs and professionals. To date, the shareholding structure is composed of 25 Italian and foreign shareholders.

The administrative structure is identified by the presence of professionals with consolidated experience in financial, banking and commercial sectors, matured over the years and in important companies of these sectors.

The entire organisational process of the company develops in different stages, which start from the first contact with the customer and from the collection of information, up to the evaluation of the creditworthiness, the consequent resolution, the stipulation and release of the loan agreement.

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