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What differentiates Cred.it S.p.A. and makes it competitive on the market, is the articulated and innovative financial proposal that meets the needs of customers. Cred.it S.p.A. he knows exactly what the customer needs when he supports him in the development of his business.

Cred.it S.p.A. it is competitive and dynamic, ensuring speed and precision in the investigation of the practice and certainty on the timing of the decision. Transparency, reliability and quality are for Cred.it, financial company S.p.A. essential principles.

The asseveration of economic plans for project finance and direct financing of projects related to energy efficiency, cash loans in various technical forms (discount effects, discount invoices, etc.), attestations of financial capacity, microcredit, unsecured loans, financing of capital goods for the Sabatini law, purchase of loans, brokering of guarantees and sureties on behalf of leading international insurance companies, represent the Company's core business, underlying all these financial transactions is a fair and essential measurement and management of credit risk .

Cred.it S.p.A. aims for its financial activity on the seriousness, professionalism and operational methodology of a staff composed of specialized consultants.

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