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The Banking and Financial Ombudsman is a system for resolving disputes between customers and the banking and financial institutions.

The Ombudsman is an independent and impartial extrajudicial system offering an easier and faster alternative than the appealing to a judge.
The customer can contact the Ombudsman after having attempted to solve the problem directly with Cred.it Società Finanziaria SpA and have sent a written complaint, also by recorded letter (addressed to Cred.it Società Finanziaria Spa, Complaints Management, Via Carmine Vecchio, 50 - 71036 Lucera, FG) or by e-mail to: ufficioreclami@creditspa.it.

If the customer is still not satisfied with the response to his complaint or if he has not received a reply, he can eventually seek the Banking and Financial Ombudsman.
We would remind that the disputes pertaining to the Ombudsman concern financial transactions and services, such as personal loans, aimed loans (intended for the purchase of goods or services), credit cards, and all the decisions in this matter are issued by the Ombudsman in the course of a few months.

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