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The Code of Ethics identifies the company's principles and values, as well as the rights, duties and responsibilities of Cred.it Società Finanziaria Spa and of all those working for or on behalf of the same towards all stakeholders for the attainment of its corporate purpose.

For Cred.it Società Finanziaria Spa the realisation of an environment characterised by a keen sense of ethical integrity, influencing the behaviour of its employees, definitely contributes to the enforcement of policies and control systems.

Cred.it Società Finanziaria Spa opts for and spreads this Code of Ethics, which is also addressed to all stakeholders, to whom the attention of the financial company is of crucial importance.

The principles set forth are binding, without exception, for all company representatives, employees and any other person who acts, directly or indirectly, for and on behalf of the Company (consultants, auditors, collaborators, agents, outsourcers, commercial partners, etc.), who are obliged to comply with its provisions.

The Company undertakes not to commence or continue any kind of business with those who do not intend to comply with the principles of this Code.

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