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Plafond Beni Strumentali Nuova Sabatini

The recipients of the loan, under the technical form of the unsecured loan, are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), operating in Italy (companies with fewer than 250 employees and with a turnover of less than €50,000,000.00, or with a total balance sheet assets up to €43,000,000.00) belonging to all sectors, with the exception of the coal industry, financial and insurance activities, the manufacture of the reproduction/replacement of milk or dairy products.

The finality of the financing must be included among the following circumstances:
- implementing a new production unit;
- expanding of an existing production unit;
- diversifying the production of an establishment;
- changing the production process of an existing production unit;
- buying assets directly connected to a production unit (if the production unit has been closed).

It is aimed at financing investments in machinery, plant, business assets and new equipment of factory and production use as well as investments in hardware, software and digital technologies, classified as assets in the balance sheet under items B.I1.2 , B.I1.3, B.II.4 of article 2424 of the Civil Code.
Expenditures relating to "land and buildings" and "assets in progress and advance payments" are excluded. The purchase of means of transport and transport equipment by road haulage and air transport companies is excluded.

Investments must start when the application is submitted and completed by the beginning of the repayment period.

Financing features:
Unsecured loan with use of funding from Cassa Depositi e Prestiti S.p.A., may be a minimum of €20,000.00 and a maximum amount of €2,000,000.00.
Fixed-rate or floating-rate loan with repayment through deferred instalments according to an amortisation schedule with agreed maturities. Minimum duration: 24 months, including a possible pre-amortisation period of 6 months Maximum duration: 60 months, including a possible pre-amortisation period of 6 or 12 months.
Furthermore, the Ministry of Economic Development grants in favour of SMEs a subsidy equal to the interest resulting from a theoretical amortisation plan of the loan with a theoretical maturity of 5 years, six-monthly instalments and a rate of 2.75%, and in any case within the limit of the ESL (Gross Grant Equivalent) that can be granted to each company.

In case of variable rate:
• receives help from any reduction of the instalment amount following the reduction in rates, until the minimum rate ("floor") is reached.

In the case of fixed rate:
• at the time of signing the loan, the amount of the instalment that will be the same for the entire term of the loan is known with certainty;
• you are not subject to increases in the amount of the instalment in the event of an increase in rates.


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