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18/04/2018 Today on Sole24Ore Spa is an excellent reality on the national financial scene Spa - Società Finanziaria - project financing | asseverazioni bancarie

DATA: 18/04/2018

This article was published this morning in the economic and financial newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, the article dedicated to Società Finanziaria Spa, counted among the excellent companies in the field of financial services at national level.
Here are some excerpts from the article:
'The strength of Spa is the high specialization in the credit sector, which allows targeted advice for anyone who decides to rely on a professional financial partner for their business .... Among the sectors in which Spa has gained more experience there is the energy efficiency of public lighting systems and public buildings, specifically for ESCo (Energy Service Company), with a unique 'turnkey' offer on the national scene.
"The services of Spa are aimed at companies and individuals - said the General Manager Tommaso Mazziotti - the product portfolio ranges from financial solutions aimed at protecting the landlords of properties in the event of arrears by tenants, up to openings of credit, in various technical forms, for various types of commercial activities such as car inspection centers, driving schools, consultancy studies, environmental managers. But not only that, we also have solutions to finance the purchase of machinery, plants and capital goods, thanks to the agreement signed with Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and the MISE for the Sabatini credit limit. Last but not least, the new Microcredit product was launched, ie unsecured loans (min. € 5,000, max € 25,000.00), with a maximum duration of 84 months at a fixed rate, to encourage the development of micro-entrepreneurship ".
In this regard, it is good to remember that Spa has become part of the European Microfinance Network which has one of its main objectives to promote microfinance as a tool to combat the financial crisis in Europe. Spa analysts provide adequate assistance to the customer from the first contact up to the management and the final resolution of the practice, the preliminary procedure requires short times but thorough and certified analysis, thanks also to the help of powerful evaluation tools, banks data, customer performance, internal ratings.
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