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    THE PRIVACY CODE - Dlgs 196/03

    THE PRIVACY CODE - 679/2016 GDPR
    Pursuant to art. 13 of the aforementioned regulation, "PROCESSING" THE DATA means carrying out operations, with or without the aid of electronic or automated means, concerning the collection, registration, organization, storage, processing, modification, selection , the extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, blocking, communication, dissemination, cancellation and destruction of the data. With the expression "PERSONAL DATA" the legislator refers to any information relating to a natural person, legal person, entity or association, identified or identifiable, even indirectly, by reference to any other information, including a personal identification number.
    Personal data must be processed lawfully, correctly and must be kept for the time strictly necessary to achieve the purposes for which they were collected.
    As for the main subjects referred to by 679/2016 GDPR we can summarize as follows. First of all, we speak of INTERESTED referring to the natural or legal person to whom the personal data refer. The regulation considers the interested party as a protected subject and to this end attributes a plurality of rights (e.g. the right to obtain information regarding the data and processing carried out, the right to request cancellation, transformation into anonymous form or blocking of data processed in violation of the aforementioned law, including those whose retention is no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which the data were collected or subsequently processed ...).
    DATA CONTROLLER is the person, natural or legal, responsible for the data processing of the interested party. The owner is responsible for decisions about the purposes and methods of treatment. The DATA PROCESSING RESPONSIBLE is the person, natural or legal, designated by the Data Controller, while the PERSON IN CHARGE is the person who actually processes the data to which he has access, even without decision-making autonomy. The GUARANTOR is the super partes collegiate body responsible for checking the correct application of the legislation, before which it is possible to assert one's rights as an alternative to the judicial authority.
    The detailed list of subjects to whom your data may be communicated can be consulted at the company's headquarters in Via Carmine Vecchio, 50 - 71036 Lucera (Foggia) or at the following links: list of internal managers, list of external managers.
    As employees, all employees and collaborators of the company can become aware of the data, regardless of the contractual relationship with the same for the performance of their duties.
    Browsing the site is anonymous. Personal data are collected at the time of online application for funding. In this case, the information required by regulation 679/2016 GDPR is provided at the beginning of the procedure for filling in the data entry form. The confidentiality and integrity of the data provided during online compilation is protected by the use of the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol.
    The collection and processing of personal data provided during the online compilation of funding requests is aimed at purposes connected and instrumental to the management of the loan relationship and for purposes not strictly connected to the financing activity, but useful for improving services. offered (e.g. promotional initiatives, market research carried out by Financial Company Spa on behalf of third party companies, or carried out by third party companies on behalf of Financial Company Spa). The collection and processing of the personal data provided is also directed to Società Finanza SpA's carrying out of the instruction and evaluation of pre-contractual information, as well as for customer management, credit protection and prevention of commercial over-indebtedness, statistics, promotional and commercial information.
    The user is aware that any refusal of his consent to the aforementioned communications and related treatments could be negatively assessed for the purpose of providing the loan.
    The request for access to personal data must be made exclusively to the email address

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